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Policy on Large Parrots



Notice:  Due to the high percentage of Large birds ending up as "permanent foster children" and eventually ending up in a parrot rescue----


Rhonda's Aviary will no longer be handfeeding babies of the larger variety. (Large Macaws, Large Cockatoos) 


I have large birds given to me quite often.  If the bird likes YOU and you have had large bird experience, I will consider you a candidate for rehoming a "previously loved parrot." There is a rehoming fee. (Usually it is the price of a new large cage and toys. The bird deserves this...)   If you REALLY want a large parrot, I suggest volunteering at a parrot rescue. --and then taking one of THEM home.

Rhonda's Aviary
Rhonda's Aviary

About Us


I am a licensed breeder in sunny Pensacola, FL.  It gets a bit breezy during hurricane season, but we love it here.  We are transplants from northern Minnesota and appreciate the warmth and sunshine year round.  I have had birds my whole life, and Lady Gouldian finches for the last 9 1/2 years.  It was a dream realized.  They are so beautiful, and I never thought I would be able to own one.  Now here I am, surrounded by all the colors of the rainbow.  If only our "jobs" were as fun as our hobbies....(sigh)... So I opened a bird store and expanded into other rare finches and hookbills.  Now it is nothing but FUN, FUN, FUN (except the cleaning cages part) 
I took a job placement test and it said I would make a good chicken farmer.  Well,......it was close.   

Lady Gouldian Finch-Hand fed 7 years ago and STILL tame. (R.I.P Scrappy.10-15-13)


The hardest working multi-taskers you'll ever meet.



(slave, vet tech, house-keeper, referee and human play-gym)

Scrappy-Young Lady Gouldian finch

(Proof reader, little buddy)



Phone: 850 983-7777

Email: info@rhondasaviary.com

Roscoe, Customer Service Rep. Intent on world domination...Sorry...

Jasper, My IT guy...You got electronics, he can "fix" it for you.

Leo, my accountant.  That explains a lot...

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