Rhonda's Aviary
Rhonda's Aviary

Baby Season is Here! 

 We are located in Rockwell Plaza, at the corner of HWY 90 and Chantilly Way. 

We have a newly expanded reptile department



We now carry sugar gliders and sugar glider supplies.

Handfed baby birds!




2,600 sq ft of Bird, Reptile and Sugar Glider Fun!

We carry:
Finches to Parrots
Reptiles(no snakes in store)
Sugar Glider Supplies
Breeding supplies
Toys, Treats, Food
Bird harnesses/leashes
Training cd's/books/DVD's
Clicker Training Props
Cages to fit anyones budget


If you go to Yelp, please scroll down on thier site and you will see I have at least 110, 5-Star ratings.  (Facebook is 4.9, Google is 4.7) They hide them on the back page and feature only the negative ones. I refuse to advertize with them, so they only feature the negative reviews. Yelp is messed up. Please take the time to read the reviews from the vast majority of my customers before trusting their messed up review system. Thank you! :) 

Rhonda's Aviary

5675 Highway 90
32583 Milton


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