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2,600 sq ft of Bird, Reptile and Sugar Glider Fun!

We carry:
Finches to Parrots
Reptiles(no snakes in store)
Sugar Glider Supplies
Breeding supplies
Toys, Treats, Food
Bird harnesses/leashes
Training cd's/books/DVD's
Clicker Training Props
Cages to fit anyones budget

DNA testing available 
There is no
appointment necessary for grooming services,
but please call ahead to make sure the groomer is in!
Wing and nail
Small (keet, lovebird, cockatiel, quaker) $6.99
Medium (amazon, african grey, small cockatoos) $8.99
Large (Macaw, umbrellas, Citrons) $12.99


We now carry sugar gliders and sugar glider supplies. 

We are located in Rockwell Plaza, at the corner of HWY 90 and Chantilly Way.

About Us

In our store, we offer you a large selection of high quality goods and products at affordable prices.