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What is the Difference between Deposit and Wait List for a baby bird?

 Deposit-This is when we have a baby that has hatched or is hand feeding. When you put down a 20% deposit it GUARANTEES this baby is YOURS. We do not take deposits on babies we do not have in our possession. We do not take deposits on WEANED birds.


Waiting List- This is when we do not have the item/animal you are looking for. This is NOT a promise that YOU will get this item/animal. We add you to our list of people looking for that same item. This list can be up to one year old! When the item/animal becomes available, we call everyone on that list and the first one to respond gets it. (We aren't sure who is and isn't still interested in that item and can't wait around.)

Tips to insure you get the item/animal you are interested in:


A. Answer your phone.

B. Call us back right away and PUT YOUR DEPOSIT DOWN. NOW it is yours.

Where can I get doves released for my upcoming Wedding?

 Here is a link to a local business which provides this service.

How do we get our bird to stop biting, stop screaming, plucking, to like me... etc?

The  long and short of it is this:

Reward good behavior-- a  lot.

Ignore bad behavior --period. IGNORE ...not scold, tease, punish, or cover the cage.


Play a lot of games with rewards, IE: Clicker Training and the BAD behaviors just melt away...because you have taught them  to LOOK for ways to please you and get rewards. They are mentally active and happy, so no need to pluck(emotional/frustration plucking), scream  etc... These groups show you how to do this....and it  is VERY easy. Don't tell me you don't have the takes 5-10 minutes a day.


Excellent Positive Reinforcement Bird Training Groups:

(Clicker training is THE way to get rid of bad behaviors)


Amazing Youtube videos that really help:


Another good training video series:

The Chet Womach Training Course

Tani Robar Parrot, Training videos "Teaching Your Parrot: Training Your Bird to Do Tricks"! Video 1 gives you an introduction to the tricks you can train birds to do. Videos 2, 3 and 4 teach the beginning, intermediate, and advanced behaviors seen in Video I, "Fantastic Performing Parrots."


Good Reads:

Karen Pryor, "Don't Shoot the Dog."-Teaches the principles of positive reinforcement. (Guess what people...I applies in our human interactions as well...)

Melinda Johnson, "Clicker Training for Birds"-With Melinda's tactful techniques you can even turn previously neglected or mishandled birds into loving pets. The author makes clear the reasons why punishing or trying to ‘dominate' a bird are inappropriate techniques.

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