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Policy on Large Parrots



Notice:  Due to the high percentage of Large birds ending up as "permanent foster children" and eventually ending up in a parrot rescue----


Rhonda's Aviary will no longer be handfeeding babies of the larger variety. (Large Macaws, Large Cockatoos) 


I have large birds given to me quite often.  If the bird likes YOU and you have had large bird experience, I will consider you a candidate for rehoming a "previously loved parrot." There is a rehoming fee. (Usually it is the price of a new large cage and toys. The bird deserves this...)   If you REALLY want a large parrot, I suggest volunteering at a parrot rescue. --and then taking one of THEM home.

Rhonda's Aviary
Rhonda's Aviary

           Deposit vs. Waiting List

What is the difference?


Deposit-This is when we have a baby that has hatched or is hand feeding. When you put down a 20% deposit it GUARANTEES this baby is YOURS. We do not take deposits on babies we do not have in our possession. We do not take deposits on WEANED birds.


Waiting List- This is when we do not have the item/animal you are looking for. This is NOT a promise that YOU will get this item/animal. We add you to our list of people looking for that same item. This list can be up to one year old! When the item/animal becomes available, we call everyone on that list and the first one to respond gets it. (We aren't sure who is and isn't still interested in that item and can't wait around.)

Tips to insure you get the item/animal you are interested in:


A. Answer your phone.

B. Call us back right away and PUT YOUR DEPOSIT DOWN. NOW it is yours.

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