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Policy on Large Parrots



Notice:  Due to the high percentage of Large birds ending up as "permanent foster children" and eventually ending up in a parrot rescue----


Rhonda's Aviary will no longer be handfeeding babies of the larger variety. (Large Macaws, Large Cockatoos) 


I have large birds given to me quite often.  If the bird likes YOU and you have had large bird experience, I will consider you a candidate for rehoming a "previously loved parrot." There is a rehoming fee. (Usually it is the price of a new large cage and toys. The bird deserves this...)   If you REALLY want a large parrot, I suggest volunteering at a parrot rescue. --and then taking one of THEM home.

Rhonda's Aviary
Rhonda's Aviary

My Favorite Clicker
Training Links, Groups and Trainers

People call me every day asking how do I get
my bird to stop biting, stop screaming, plucking, to like me, etc, etc...The  long and short of it is this:

Reward good behavior-- a  lot.

Ignore bad behavior --period. IGNORE ...not
scold, tease, punish, or cover the cage.

Play a lot of games with rewards, IE: Clicker
and the
BAD behaviors just melt away...because you have taught them  to LOOK for ways to please you and get rewards. They are mentally active
and happy, so no need to pluck(emotional/frustration plucking), scream  etc...
These groups show you how to do this....and it  is VERY easy. Don't tell me you don't have the time....it takes 5-10 minutes a day.

Excellent Positive Reinforcement Bird Training Groups:

(Clicker training is THE way to get rid of bad behaviors)


Founded in 1997, Bird-Click introduced clicker
training to the world of pet birds. Learn to clicker train your bird! Use your new skills to overcome behavior problems, such as shyness, biting and screaming; to make your bird your best friend; to teach useful behaviors, such as cooperating with wing and nail grooming, staying on the play gym, and coming
to you on call; and to enjoy hours of play that provides him/her with mental stimulation by teaching fun parlor tricks, from basketball to roller skating.
We teach using all-positive methods (no force, coercion or food deprivation). The birds love it and so do we! Avian behavior and training is our focus. Come on in, pull up a perch, dangle your feet, introduce yourself and tell us about your birds.


Clickbirds is all about training your bird with
positive reinforcement. Learn how to understand your birds body language, how to build a foundation of mutual trust. We have several professional bird and
animal trainers, PHDs, and aviculturists from all over the world to help you learn how to train your bird without punishment. We don't restrict this list to
only discussing clicker training, all methods of operant conditioning training may be discussed here and all trainers and pet bird lovers are welcome here.

Here is an awesome example of how much FUN it is to clicker train your bird. FUN for BOTH of you!
Watch the Youtube Video "Kili" the senegal parrot---


Here is another:


Parrot Training Tips - The Benefits of Trick Training

by Barbara Heidenreich---an awesome trainer in
my opinion!
Watch her introduction to clicker training
video below:


I sell her training videos in my store--and
I use them
...I am not just trying to sell you something, I honestly believe in clicker training...In fact, I have an amazon in my store who is afraid of
hands and guess what? I am dusting off my clicker and stocking up on treats!

Another good training video series:

The Chet Womach Training Course


How to get your bird to come out of the cage and step
up...Without biting!


Here's another series that I carry in my store:

Tani Robar Parrot
Training videos

"Teaching Your Parrot: Training Your Bird
to Do Tricks"! Video 1 gives you an introduction to the tricks you can train birds to do.

Videos 2, 3 and 4 teach the beginning,
intermediate, and advanced behaviors seen in Video I, "Fantastic Performing Parrots."


Good Reads:

Karen Pryor, "Don't Shoot the Dog."-Teaches the principles of positive reinforcement.

(Guess what people...I applies in our human
interactions as well...)

Melinda Johnson, "Clicker Training for Birds"-With Melinda's tactful techniques you can even turn previously neglected or mishandled birds into loving pets. The author makes clear the reasons why punishing or trying to ‘dominate' a bird are inappropriate techniques.

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