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Policy on Large Parrots



Notice:  Due to the high percentage of Large birds ending up as "permanent foster children" and eventually ending up in a parrot rescue----


Rhonda's Aviary will no longer be handfeeding babies of the larger variety. (Large Macaws, Large Cockatoos) 


I have large birds given to me quite often.  If the bird likes YOU and you have had large bird experience, I will consider you a candidate for rehoming a "previously loved parrot." There is a rehoming fee. (Usually it is the price of a new large cage and toys. The bird deserves this...)   If you REALLY want a large parrot, I suggest volunteering at a parrot rescue. --and then taking one of THEM home.

Rhonda's Aviary
Rhonda's Aviary

Babies Available NOW 

A 50%-25% non-refundable deposit

is required to hold any baby.

(the percentage depends on the cost of the bird.)

This amount is NOT returned to you if you change your mind.  (That is what NON-refundable means.) You change your mind, I've lost a sale several times over on that particular bird.  The 25-50% is to compensate me on the loss.

non·re·fund·able /ˌnɑ:nrɪˈfʌndəbəl/ adjective 
 of a payment : not to be returned
▪ A nonrefundable deposit [=a deposit of money that will not be returned to you] is required when you place an order.


The only exception to this is:


If the baby dies or is injured while it is in my care.  Then you would have the option of a complete refund or a different baby.


This Page Last Updated 11-21-16

Eclectus Parrot

Hand fed and weaned



Umbrella Cockatoo 

Congo African Grey


DNA included in price. Polyoma vaccinated.  Hand feeding now. 


Panama Amazon

Hand feeding now--sold

Polyoma vaccinated and DNA included.  It is a DNA male. He is already talking and saying, "Hahahaha! I'm gonna rule the world!" 

Black Capped Conure


Price includes DNA and Polyoma vaccine.  

I have one DNA male and one not DNA'd yet. 

Princess of Wales Parakeet 

weaning now

DNA and polyoma vaccinated.  I have two normal green females at this time. 

Weaned out onto Hagen Tropimix and Safflower Gold small parrot. 


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