One baby white face, male, with lineage OOP 7-17-17, ready 9-17-17 $350

One classic grey baby, no lineage $250


We have several adults looking for homes.

These will need some work to bond with YOU.  So previous glider experience is required. 







 I have kits available for begininers.


I have two females that are pregnant and the babies will come out of pouch in the next week or so.  They have given me mosaic babies in the past. 

*One baby is a classic grey 100% Leu Het mosaic

*One baby not out of pouch yet. 

Add a Kit for $125.00! Kit includes: Cage (36x18x36 white or black color), toys, a book, bag of pellets, bag of nectar, two dishes, fleece sleeping pouch, and a fleece vine.

Come in.  Play with your baby for 2-3 times a week.  When it is ready to leave mom and dad, it will already know you. Little babies don't bite! NO TAMING involved! It is so much more pleasant for you (and the baby).  Don't wait until it is 9 weeks out of pouch, buy it, bring it home(it's terrified) now you need to try to bond with it. (and at this age it can bite!)

Not that you can't bond with an older glider...It's just easier and more fun, to bond with a tiny baby. ***I do not ship sugar gliders.  You must be present to purchase one. 

Cage Kit for sugar glider

A 25% non-refundable deposit is

required to hold any baby. 

This amount is NOT returned to you if you change your mind.  (That is what NON-refundable means.) You change your mind, I've lost a sale several times over on that particular baby.  The 25% is to compensate me on the loss.

non·re·fund·able /ˌnɑ:nrɪˈfʌndəbəl/ adjective 
 of a payment : not to be returned
 A nonrefundable deposit [=a deposit of money that will not be returned to you] is required when you place an order.


The only exception to this is:


If the baby dies or is injured while it is in my care.  Then you would have the option of a complete refund or a different baby.

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